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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tagline change and some Spring cleaning of the blogs

A little Spring cleaning on the blogs
(my mom would say not enough).

Did a little Spring cleaning** on the blogs tonight.

You will notice the Plainfield Today tagline "The needler in the haystack" has been replaced with "Bettering Plainfield with the facts since 2005".

The old tagline was appropriate during the eight years of incompetence and worse under former mayor Robinson-Briggs. Times have changed. The new tagline reflects that.

I also removed a few links on the sidebar that no one was using (yes, I can tell).

Over on the CLIPS blog, I finally took down the PMUA petition signup gadget. Though that issue faded away long ago after Mayor Mapp got control of the board of commissioners, I just never got around to taking it down.

I'm the kind of guy whose wife has to throw out his old clothes when he's not around because he just can't part with them. ;)

Also took down several of the "News" links which are no longer in business, and removed the sports links.

Back when the blogs were created, local websites were not as ubiquitous as they are now and now that we all live on our cellphones, these kinds of lists are both superfluous and superannuated.

Back to the real business tomorrow.

**My mother took Spring cleaning very seriously. Everyone was mobilized, including my dad. The windows were opened and the whole house was aired out (we had a kerosene-fed Ben Franklin stove in the living room, so the house needed the airing). CLosets and cupboards were emptied and scrubbed down, then everything that was to be kept was put back.

The rugs were hung on the clothesline and beaten (my chore, I hated it), the mattresses were turned, every surface of every room was scrubbed and waxed and polished as appropriate. We even cleaned the wallpaper with some pink stuff in small cans that somewhat resembled playdo but I am sure contained a carcinogenic solvent. It was exhausting, but at the end everything was fresh for a season.

 -- Dan Damon [ follow ]

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