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Monday, June 18, 2018

Certified geezer here

This simple fob stumped a guy who has been driving for
68 years (I was 10, Harry Truman was president,
and it was legal for me to drive farm equipment).

Well, it's finally happened.

Technology has turned me into a geezer.

While I stay up to date on all things Internet and computer geekish, I appear to have let my cred in cars slip.

Had to rent a car recently because my Rav4 was in the shop. So I went to the Avis on Route 22 across the corner from the 7 Eleven in North Plainfield.

Small, but busy office with pleasant and professional staff. After handling a couple of customers before me (who had reservations), my turn came (I was a walkin). They had me booked and ready to go in about two minutes.

Out on the lot, I went to get into the Ford Focus that had been pointed out, when I noticed the fob I had been given had no key. I went back inside and told the young clerk he was going to have to give me a tutorial.

He politely did.  "As long as the fob is in your pocket, all you do is step on the brake and push this button. It will start. When you are finished driving, push the button again and the engine will shut off." Simplicity itself! Where have I been?!

But things only got worse when I went to return the car.

I've rented cars for decades, so I know the drill, right?

Return the car with the gas tank full, write down the mileage and go to the counter to close out.

Except? Where is the odometer?

Again, I had to ask a clerk. She took my ticket, went out to the car and showed me the screen on which the information (along with a lot of other stuff) was displayed. Duh!

So I admit it -- I am now a certified geezer.

 -- Dan Damon [ follow ]

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