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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Plainfield Dems roar approval of Carter candidacy for Green's Assembly seat.

The Democratic City Committee rallied behind
the candidacy of Freeholder Linda Carter for the
vacancy creted by the passing of Asm Jerry Green.

At Tuesday's Plainfield Democratic City Committee (PDCC) Meeting, committee members roared their approval of hometown Freeholder Linda Carter as a candidate to fill the LD22 Assembly seat left vacant by the death of Assemblyman Jerry Green on April 18.

PDCC chairman Adrian O. Mapp explained that state law requires the vacancy to be filled by a Special Convention (of the deceased Assemblyman's political party -- in this case the Democrats).

That convention is scheduled for next Tuesday, May 15, at the Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School at 7:00 PM.

Nominations will be made from the floor and voting will be by secret ballot. In addition to his hearty endorsement, Chairman Mapp indicated he will place Carter's name in nomination at the convention.

Councilor Cory Storch posted his endorsement of Carter on his blog (see here), and First Ward Council candidate Ashley Davis said, "Freeholder Linda Carter has always been an inspiration for me ... and though it's not formalized, [she] is my mentor and I look forward to working with her on her new endeavors." Councilor Rebecca Williams plans to post an endorsement to her blog.

Carter thanked the Committee for its support, reviewed the homework she had done in reaching out to party chairs for support and indicated she would follow in Jerry's footsteps if selected.

Once the Special Convention decides, Carter would have to resign her Freeholder seat before being sworn in to the Assembly at its May 24 meeting.

If all this takes place as expected, a Special Convention of the Union County Democratic organization would have to select a replacement for Linda's Freeholder seat along the same lines as above.

That convention would probably fall in mid- to late June.

Noting that two persons had already expressed interest in the seat (Councilors Storch and Williams), Mapp announced the appointment of a three-person screening committee composed of Nancy Jordan (chair), Bobby Gregory and Ricky Hunt (husband of the Mayor's chief of staff).

Registered Democrats who are interested in being screened for the position should contact Nancy Jordan at, as soon as possible for instructions on how to proceed.

If either Councilor is appointed to the Freeholder Board, the PDCC would then have to submit three names to the Council to fill that vacancy, from which the Council would select one. (An interesting question is whether a Councilor who was one of the three names would have to abstain from the vote.)

In the event a Council vacancy is filled, that person would have to run in the November general election for the balance of the term of the vacated seat.

Got all that?


  -- Dan Damon [follow]
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