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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Where's Jerry? Green's absence a mystery as politics marches on

Assemblyman Green's absence noted as political season heats up.


Questions about Assemblyman Jerry Green's health and whereabouts continue to mount.

I noted in November 2017 (see here) that Green had been spotted as a patient at JFK by visitors who were leaving my room when I was there in October.

After the November general election, Jerry's office sent me a personal email with the press release noting his reappointment as Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore (see here). I could just imagine him telling his office staff, "You make sure that son-of-a-bitch knows I'm still alive and kicking."

In an article posted Wednesday afternoon by Max Pizarro of InsiderNJ ("Union County Confidential: Deep Democratic rivalries put the CD7 endorsement on edge"), he goes over the intr-party struggle in Union County over the endorsement of a Democratic candidate to oppose Republican Leonard Lance in the 2018 mid-term election. (Plainfield is not in the 7th Congressional District, though many of the other towns Assemblyman Green represents are.)

We learn several very interesting facts from Pizarro's story --

  • Green missed Election Night festivities,

  • He also missed the Union County reorganization meeting, and

  • He missed Tuesday's legislative reorg meeting, at which he was reappointed Assembly Speaker Pro Tem.

Pizarro continues, "Sources say the chairman is ill, but his confidants (sic) insist it’s not terminal. In his absence, Executive Director Nick Fixmer has played a more visible role as point person for the county party organization."  (Some have suggested to me that Jerry has developed Parkinson's disease; on the other hand, I was in the Cardiac Unit at JFK, the same unit Jerry was spotted in, suggesting a heart condition.)

The main thrust of Pizarro's story, of course, is getting to a Union County Dem endorsement for a candidate to oppose Lance in November. Pizarro outlines the oppoisng forces of former sheriff (and now Senator) Joe Cryan and Lesniak ally Sen. Nick Scutari.

Green's absence leaves Fixmer, who is allied with Scutari, filling in -- amid questions about his "neutrality" in the process.

Meanwhile, Union County's municipal Dem chairs (including our own Mayor Adrian Mapp) are scheduled to meet Friday at 5:30 PM at the Berkeley Heights home of Union County Dem heavyweight George Devanney to hear a pitch from another possible candidate, Tom Malinowski.

Will Jerry Green be there?

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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