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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Could Union County, Plainfield see political peace in this Primary season?

Sheriff and former Assemblyman Joe Cryan
is running for Senate seat Ray Lesniak is leaving.

As soon as Sen. Ray Lesniak announced last week that he had filed with ELEC to run for governor, the only question on the minds of Union County political watchers was whether Sheriff Joe Cryan, a former Assemblyman and state Dem chair, would throw his hat in the ring for the LD20 opening.

Not only did he on Friday, he entered with the blessings of UC Dem chair Jerry Green, his district-mates, Elizabeth mayor Chris Bollwage, Assembly Speaker Prieto and a host of others.

This all but guarantees there will be no bloodletting in the County Dem Primary this year.

Mayor Adrian O. Mapp has already declared his intention to run for another term. He has a hefty record of economic development -- new busniesses and construction -- as well as expanded Recreation and Senior programming, impressive gains by police against crime, despite twelve homicides in 2016.

The other seat up this year is Ward 4 Councilor, currently held by Bridget Rivers. With an expected five-seat majority of support on the Council, Mapp can afford to be generous and give Rivers the line.

The person who replaces Rebecca Williams at tomorrow night's reorganization meeting will have the option of running in the primary to be on the November ballot for the 2/3 at-large seat.

In more than twenty years, I cannot remember a Primary season in which the stars seem so well aligned.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]
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