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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Shots fired Sunday near Seidler Field while Pop Warner game under way

Shots were fired Sunday near Netherwood and George.

Shots were fired Sunday in Plainfield while a PeeWee Pop Warner game was being played at Seidler Field. While the shots were heard at the field, the parents and players were not the targets and were in no danger.

Two men, believed to be the targets of the gunplay and known to police, refused to give information on the identity of the shooter.

Here is a statement released by the Plainfield Police Division regarding the incident --

At approximately noon on Sunday, October 2, 2016, shots were fired in the area of George Street and Netherwood Avenue. No individuals were struck by this gunfire.

There is a rumor that this incident occurred on Seidler Field during a Pop Warner football game. This is not true. There is also a rumor that there was gunfire targeted at children and parents. That is also not true. Because of the proximity of the field, the game was canceled.

This is an unfortunate incident which disrupted children and families as they were engaged in organized sports. It is the desire of all of us in Public Safety that all participants are safe during these events. We would like to thank the community for providing us with helpful information regarding this incident.

"The safety of every resident of Plainfield is the utmost priority," said Mayor Adrian O. Mapp. "We will continue to respond aggressively, and pursue every lead that we uncover. We cannot and will not stop until we have sent a message that Plainfield is hard on criminal activity and we will not tolerate such in our city.”

Based on findings from the investigation, it has been determined that this was not a random incident. The intended targets were two adult individuals who are known to police. These individuals have not cooperated with the police and failed to provide information as to the identity of the shooter.
The investigation into this incident remains highly active by the Plainfield Police Division. Anyone with any information is asked to contact Sgt. Ronald Fusco of the Plainfield Police Criminal Investigation Bureau at (732) 522-1964.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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