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Thursday, August 18, 2016

The media love a good fight. Are they trying to provoke one between Mapp and Green?

Newark Mayor Ras Baraka's support for Steve Fulop for governor,
announced last week, precipitated a meeting organized by
Assemblyman Jerry Green and Essex Dems last night.
(Image: Jersey Journal)

At a meeting of north and south Jersey Democrats last night, Plainfield
Assemblyman and Union County Dem chair Jerry Green joined with Essex leaders and others in what could be termed an "anybody but Fulop" meeting, as reported by PolitickerNJ's Max Pizzarro (see here). The story contains a complete list of attendees and their connections.

In previous remarks to PolitickerNJ, Green threatened "to go old school" if Fulop and allies began pushing Fulop's candidacy in Union County.

In an overview of the alignment of Union County forces, Pizzarro sketches out Plainfield Mayor Adrian O. Mapp and Sheriff Joe Cryan as potential Fulop allies.

Sen. Nick Scutari and Green are seen as aligned with Senate President Steve Sweeney, front man for South Jersey powerhouse George Norcross.

The story does not mention the third alignment in Union County: Sen. Ray Lesniak, who has declared his interest in running for governor, and his ally, Elizabeth Mayor Chris Bollwege. (Lesniak's law partner Paul Weiner was, however, listed as an attendee at last night's meeting.)

Tuesday evening's meeting was precipitated by the announcement last week by Newark Mayor Ras Baraka that he "will do everything" to get Fulop elected governor (see story here, and here).

The story about last night's meeting outlines a scenario in which Cryan and Mapp could oppose Green's tilt toward Sweeney.

It reminded me of an article I once read in Psychology Today.

Back in the 1960s, when the magazine was an innovative must-read, it ran an article on understanding interpersonal conflict. One section was memorably titled "Let's you and him fight".

The association at once popped into my mind on reading Pizzarro's article. The media loves nothing better than a scrap between politicians. It drives readership.

But Mapp has so far has kept his powder dry, staying out of any public discussion of the 2017 governor's race.

The relationship between Mapp, who is also Plainfield Dem chair, and Green has been wary at best.

Though Mapp did tell PolitickerNJ he was planning to run for re-election as mayor next year, he has otherwise been focused on ensuring a large Plainfield plurality for Hillary Clinton in the November presidential election.

Next year, it seems, can take care of itself.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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