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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mayors Fulop and Bollwege join throngs at Mapp's community BBQ

Chatting at the 9th Annual Community BBQ. (l to r): Mayor Adrian O.
Mapp, Councilor Rebecca Williams, Jersey City Mayor
Steve Fulop, and Council candidate Charles McRae.

Among the attendees (l to r): Andrea West, wife of Director Admin
& Finance Ron West; Peter Price, president of the Hillside Avenue
Historic District; Democratic committe member Jeanette Criscione;
and longtime Jerry Green operative Norman Johnson.

Meanwhile, across town, Assemblyman Jerry Green and resident
Danny Dunn sat at a voter registration table at Councilor Bridget
Rivers' 4th Ward Family Fun Day.

Jersey City mayor Steve Fulop and Elizabeth mayor Chris Bollwege joined with throngs of people at Plainfield mayor Adrian O. Mapp's 9th annual community BBQ Saturday.

A brief shower as things got under way at 4:00 PM did not dampen spirits as the crowd waited under tents for the rain to stop.

An enormous 30-foot length of table was needed to serve the food, which ranged from BBQ to hot dogs and burgers to salads, mac and cheese and desserts.

The garage was converted into a bar, which featured everything from icy bottled water to the Mayor's renowned -- and potent! -- rum punch.

First Lady Amelia Mapp and daughter Ayisha circulated through the crowds, making sure everyone had whatever they needed and were having a good time.

Freeholder Linda Carter arrived early with her nonperishable food donation, but could not stay because she had to be on duty as freeholder at another event. Elizabeth Mayor Chris Bollwege was seen making the rounds and chatting with residents whom he recognized.

A row of half a dozen or so recycling bins were full to overflowing with bags of canned goods, toiletries and nonperishable food items brought by attendees. The items will be donated to Shiloh Baptist Church's food pantry program.

As dusk approached, Mayor Mapp took the stage to welcome the crowd and introduce his friend, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop.

Mapp declared once again his support for Fulop's run for governor in 2017, to applause from the crowd. Fulop took the mike and called everyone's attention to the progress Plainfield has made under three years of Mapp's leadership and called on everyone to continue that success into the future.

As I left about 9:30, the crowd was changing, shifting from the older folks to a younger set ready to dance away the evening. The music's volume and pace increased and people began dancing in the driveway.

Though it was scheduled to end at midnight, I am sure the party went on a bit longer.

This is Plainfield, after all, and we know how to have a good time.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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