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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Plainfield audit steadily improves under Mapp

Plainfield gets closer to the bulls-eye.

Plainfield's CY2015 audit became available yesterday (look for it online here shortly), and the good news is that the city's fiscal practices continue to improve under Mayor Adrian O. Mapp.

The comments and recommendations section of the CY2013 audit (Mayor Robinson-Briggs' final year) was five pages long, with 34 findings of failure to maintain proper records or procedures, all of which needed to be corrected. Nine of those items were repeats from previous years.

Upon taking office in 2014, Mapp vowed to fix all that. With his background in municipal finance and the recruitment of a strong CFO, things have come a long way in two fiscal cycles.

The 2015 audit has only seven recommendations. Four of these concern purchasing practices, which have been perennially troubled.

For the most part, they seem to indicate some sloppiness about details such as getting Business Registration Certificates for all vendors and providing notices of award for all purchases made under State Contract. Making sure that purchases exceeding the bid threshold ($17,500) are all approved by the City Council is a more serious -- and longstanding -- issue.

In other departments, there is still a failure -- somewhere along the line -- to deposit funds within 48 hours of receipt. Recreation, where the practice had been endemic, cleaned up its act as soon as Veronica Taylor became Superintendent (Rec no longer handles cash at all), but laxness evidently continues elsewhere in the City.

A last item was to ensure that new employees are enrolled in the proper pension system in a timely manner.

Of the seven recommendations, only three were repeats from previous years.

Congratultions to Director Ron West and crew for this excellent progress.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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