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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why the Council turnaround on the forensic audit?

Still searching. . .

Plainfield City Council appears to have done a complete U-turn on the question of a forensic audit at last Monday's business meeting. Why?

Though I missed the meeting because I was sick, both Bernice (see here) and Olddoc (see here) reported that the five members present (Councilors Brown and Taylor were absent) voted for an audit of the Department of Public Works and Urban Development after a special meeting in executive session called by Mayor Adrian Mapp.

Though the word "forensic" is used by neither in their reporting, word in the street is that whatever information the Mapp administration presented to the five Councilors behind closed doors, it was sufficiently alarming to cause some serious rethinking.

Whatever name the "audit" goes by, it is going to go deep into the fiscal affairs of the departments several divisions -- key among which are Recreation, Inspections and Community Development. Its other units include Economic Development, Planning, Engineering and Public Works.

Could it be that criminal charges are being considered against some employee(s)?

The publicly stated opposition to a forensic audit has claimed that the Mapp administration was trying to go after former mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs personally, despite Administration protestations to the contrary.

My guess is that whatever has persuaded the Council of a change of heart is so egregious that they could end up looking culpable if they continued to oppose getting to the bottom of things.

Whether or not the chaotic lack of oversight owing to the revolving door among Robinson-Briggs' leadership team has anything to do with what is being uncovered we will have to wait and see.

One thing is sure, if getting to the truth doesn't set us free, nothing will.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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