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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tums time for Jerry Green?

Bad night, bad day, bad season ... whatever!

For Plainfield Assemblyman Jerry Green spring is the season of flowers, fundraisers and fretting.

Well, for Jerry, maybe just fundraising and fretting. You can see a picture of Jerry and his best buddies on his blog (here) at a recent fundraiser. But all this political activity in the Spring gets Jerry's stomach upset. Time to reach for the Tums!

As for the fretting, a Plainfield Today reader reported receiving a phone "survey" last evening that sounds like one of Jerry's fretful push polls.

Conducted by a firm with the caller ID of Portab Insights with the number (908) 248-5371, the poll asked the respondent's opinions about Plainfield, Mayor Mapp, Asm Green and City Council candidates -- including incumbents Cory Storch (who is running) and Bridget Rivers (who is NOT running this year).

The reader noted the survey also covered the current investigative audit, portraying it in a negative light.

Were you lucky enough to get a call, too? Folks would be glad to hear of your experience.

A quick Google search turned up a Rhode Island marketing research with the name Portable Insights (see their website here), which does political polling and sounds like it could be the firm in question.

Rhode Island? Does Jerry even know where Rhode Island is?

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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