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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

YMCA take over the City Rec Division?

The classic YMCA logo, which served for 70 years.

A view of the Plainfield YMCA building.
Plainfield YMCA Executive Director Ravenell Williams and Board Secretary (and former City Councilor) Elliott Simmons presented to City Council on Monday the outline of a proposal for shared services addressing needs of the city's young people.

When asked by Council President Adrian Mapp whether 2,000 young people could be served by the YMCA, Williams answered that the agency could serve 5,000.

At which point Mapp asked whether the YMCA could run the city's Recreation Divison programs.

The short and immediate answer from Williams was 'Yes'.

This idea may come up again when the Council turns to the budget proposal for Calendar Year 2012, it's first budget under the new calendar-year regime.

NOTE: Post has been corrected to reflect that Board Secretary Simmons and not Board President Anderson presented to the Council -- DD.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

Great idea! That way we don't have the petty games being played by our current director and save the city money and aggrevation.

Bob Bolmer

Anonymous said...

That would be a great move but the mayor won't allow that. She believes dave wynn is doing such a marvelous job. After all, look at all the children and adults he has in wonderful recreation programs. In fact he has so many programs brimming with folks that he has to duplicate programs that volunteers are already taking care of.

But he must have already gotten wind of the possibility of the Y because he has already started cultivating the votes he needs.

Some folks are easily swayed and their vote will be bought lock stock and barrel.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Maybe the kids can get recreation AND an education.

Anonymous said...

Any service that will be better for the community should be looked at. The City has had ample time to get their house in order. I have never seen a city where the mayor does not regularly attend council meetings. They should be working hand in hand. he problem is the current mayor isn't a team player or even competent for that matter. She continues to appoint her cronies to various posts. I have been to the Y and they are a class act. The council must still have oversight and should not give them a 25 year deal like the one they gave to the PMUA. Kep them accountable.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear if the Y is given recreation control over the city's youth they just may have some fun with some positive people around. What will the mayor's wynn do?? Oh what will he the city turns....stay tune.......