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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

BOE special meeting subject is Super search

Descriptions of items on agenda are insufficient,
leaving District out of compliance with Sunshine Law.

When Bernice noted on Monday that the Plainfield Board of Ed would hold a Special Meeting Wednesday evening (see her post here), I was a little perplexed.

Board President Renata Hernandez had originally emailed me that the Board would discuss the option of moving the school board elections to November at a February 14 meeting.

After my Friday post about the possibility the Council could act sooner than the Board of Ed (see post here), Board President Hernandez emailed me again, this time saying the matter would be discussed at a February 7 meeting.

OK, so now I'm a little confused.

Finding no legal notice for the special meeting (did the dog eat the notices?), I trucked on over to the District's Administration Building -- the old Jefferson School.

Yes, I was told, there is a Special Meeting set for Wednesday and the subject matter is 'personnel'.

This morning's iteration of the District website's news carousel has the Special Meeting as item No. 1 -- with a link to the agenda (see website here, agenda here).

The Board of Ed needs to note, however, that this formulation is insufficient. Case law and Government Records Council rulings indicate the subject matter being discussed must be clearly delineated and descriptions such as 'personnel' are out of compliance with the Sunshine law.

Elsewhere in Plainfield, both the City Council agendas (thanks to Municipal Clerk 'AJ' Jalloh) and those of the PMUA Commissioners are done correctly.

Board of Ed, please take note!

An inside source later told me the matter to be discussed was the Superintendent search.

Which is another can of worms: the District website is still bereft of any ongoing update 'corner' where the public can be kept in the loop.

But then, not keeping the public in the loop may just be the point.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Dan - let's be honest here. The meeting date was 2/14 but I was then later reminded that we had a consultant scheduled for 2/7 (which is the ORIGINAL MEETING date easily confirmed by the 1st and 3rd Tuesday meeting schedule we currently go by) so I advised you of the change, dare I say I had not read your blog. Sooooooooo sorry to say - this was preordained way before any speculative concerns you put forth.

Anonymous said...

Good morning dan that is there MO to not keep the public in the loop. The BOE have been doing wwhat ever they so choose and it's going to cost the Taxpayers a lot of money. Case in Point Dr. Billah have won his case. Dan take a moment and do a OPRA on the legal bills they are out of control. They do not like to see Mrs. Maria Pellum when she comes to the board meetings because she have uncovered a lot of their dirt. Stay Tuned for the Cheif School Adminstrator SEARCH. it's going to be a joke. The Superindent John Campbell and the Acting Superindentant Anna Belin-Plyes will remain their permanent choices. See if they keep Anna the nthe Campbells can control her. Just Stay Tuned

Anonymous said...

The Plainfield BOE is proving itself disgraceful, and the children suffer

Anonymous said...

Council president, Councilwomen Williams, Councilmen Storch you can never get anything done when you go to the PLAINFIELD RECREATION DEPARTMENT. Dave Wynn takes off many days and the administration and his staff continue to cover and lie for him. When I went there today they said he would be in this afternoon then I am told he's not coming in at all when i go to the office in the afternoon. Why did you stop investigating the recreation department. it is so unfair. Watch his payroll also he lies about hours of his employees working. He needs to go and stop stealing from the city. everyone in city hall knows he's been there for a long time and have a lot of days but why is he allowed to not show up for work and not call in for days then his employees and supervisor lies. Your previous acting city administrator was not allowing the bull crap and now he's up to games again. PLEAS STOP THIS MADNESS IN THE RECREATION DEPARTMENT. all the lying and stealing that take place stop it NOW. You guys are the only 3 that will stand up for the little people that are tired of the mess. The other 3 council members are his friends and forget that they serve the entire CITY of PLAINFIELD not just some people.

Anonymous said...

i'm reporting them to the State!

Anonymous said...

To 1:39pm - Vote the mayor out - come to the council meetings and voice your opinion - talk to your friends and have them vote also.

Wynn is a friend of the mayor. She has no ability to manage anything. All she does is flex her power without regard to the greater citizenry of Plainfield.

Good that you contacted your council members - now keep it up and continue to stay involved.