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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

As Robinson-Briggs proposes hefty raises for her team, others take cuts

Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs

Montclair Administrator Joe Hartnett

Let's face it, Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs just doesn't understand the real world the rest of us have to live in.

While the nation slides into the worst recession since the 1930s, with mounting job losses, foreclosures, and life savings being wiped out, what does our Mayor do?

She proposes in the FY2009 budget that her department heads get a 9+% increase and that the next-lower rung get 5.4% increases (see here).

How's that for being out of touch?

But some folks do understand the situation their communities are facing, and pitch in to help.

We learn today that Montclair's township manager (roughly equivalent to our City Administrator) announced he will take no raise next year -- none, zero, nada -- though entitled to one (see here).

And over in the Chathams School District, top administrators are settling for a 2% increase for next year, though their contract calls for 6% (see here).

Seems folks elsewhere are eager to see their communities weather the economic downturn and willing to make some personal sacrifice to help the taxpayers.

Meanwhile, Monday evening's budget presentation by CA Marc Dashield passed by without a mention of salary holdbacks for the city's top dogs.

Maybe there IS A REASON why people often think of Montclair and the Chathams as CLASSY communities.

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Anonymous said...


And Montclair was a town that had the same problems that Plainfield continues to have. Montclair has great stores, restaurants, theaters....why can't Plainfield get it together?

Oh, that's right, we have Sharon Robinson-Briggs.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Sharon Robinson Briggs has been a disaster for this city and especially for the workers. The morale at city hall has never been lower. She walks around like she is some kind of queen, but most of us realize that the emperor has no clothes. She and her staff don't deserve raises. They don't do anything, and why is Jerry Green always at city hall? The whispering is becoming intense here.

Anonymous said...

Were you expecting anything less from this administration.
Oh, sorry I forgot who we are talking about, I am suprised she didn't give herself a raise.

Anonymous said...

Raises for all other public employees in the City are based on evaluations. If evaluations were done on the Mayor, Department Heads and other non-union personnel, it would end up with them having to give back!


Rob said...

Raises...mmmmm wow...speechless. Ok, who am I kidding. Not the least bit speechless. BALLS..BALLS THE SIZE OF CHURCH BELLS THIS WOMAN HAS. Jerry's girl has got to be smoking some of what they are selling all over the streets of Plainfield if she thinks this is actually a logical and intelligent move. Were I or or ANY other semi-intelligent person in office we would be screaming for fiscal austerity as a show of goodwill to the constituents of this city....but no, not our local clown act. Since we know she and the other "hanger-ons" of the city, county and state read this and other BLogs I suggest people start filling in the comments section more. Maybe they will at least TRY and make it APPEAR they have a a sense of what's right and wrong. We, we the people of this city voted that crew in --- mind you I do blame you party pulling voters for doing this -- I easily saw through her and Jerry's horse and pony show and didn't vote for her THANK GOD

Anonymous said...

Yes but we are a Transit Village relief zone now.

Anonymous said...

Is the Mayor proposing a raise for the Finance Director also even though he was fired?

Was he fired or not because the City website still shows Peck as the Finance Director?

Maybe this will be clarified in the Mayor's State of Distress message on January 1st.

Anonymous said...

If I am not mistaken didn’t some of the administration staff just get hefty raises? UEZ department comes to mind. If anyone can explain why our mayor should be reelected after under her administration the cost keeps rising and we lost Muhlenberg. Don’t tell us that she is trying to save Muhlenberg, the only help that was offered was after the fact.

Anonymous said...

I see lots of complaining, criticizing, slandering etc. but please tell me where are the solutions? Can someone post some real solutions so that changes can actually be made.

Thanks in advance!

Wes King