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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

City Council 2019 committee and liaison assignment details

Here is a list of who got what assignments.

Who would have thought that folks would be so interested in the inner workings of the City Council?

Evidently so. So, after many reader requests, I am posting the list of committee and liaison assignments for 2019 made by Council President Mills-Ransome.


  • Finance: Goode (chair), McRae, Armady
  • Health & Social Services: Storch (chair), Goode, Armady
  • Economic Development: McRae (chair), Hockaday, Mills-Ransome
  • Police: Davis (chair), Armady, Hockaday
  • Fire: Mills-Ransome (chair), McRae, Storch
  • IT & Media: Hockaday (chair), McRae, Mills-Ransome
  • Recreation: Armady (chair), Goode, Storch


(Note: First name is the liaison, second name is the alternate -- with the Senior Center it appears there is no alternate, only two liaisons.)

  • Mayor's Citizen Advisory Committee: Armady, Goode
  • Planning Board: McRae, Hockaday
  • Board of Ed: Mills-Ransome, Storch
  • Green Brook Flood Control Commission: Storch, Davis
  • UC Community Development Revenue Sharing: Davis, Storch
  • Cable TV Advisory Committee: Armady, Hockaday
  • Plainfield Housing Authority: Hockaday, Mills-Ransome
  • PMUA: Davis, Armady
  • Plainfield Central District Management Corporation: Mills-Ransome, Storch
  • Shade Tree Commission: Storch, Goode
  • Senior Center: Armady, Mills-Ransome

As with the committee assignments discussed yesterday (see here), the liaison assignments are also a little lopsided (seven councilors and 11 liaisons don't make it easy).

Councilors Armady and Mills-Ransome are liaison to three organizations; Davis and Storch to two; Hockaday and McRae to one each; and Goode is primary liaison to none. The Senior Center appears to get two liaisons, with no alternate (if the letter outlining the appointments is correct).

The alternate seats are a little more equally split, with Armady, Davis and Mills-Ransome getting one; Goode and Hockaday getting two; and Storch getting three. McRae got no alternate liaison assignment.

Committee and liaison assignments, as with Council officers, serve until December 31. Then the procedure begins anew with the reorganization of the 2020 Council, which can take place any time between New Year's Day and January 10th.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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