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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Plainfield's MLK Plaza gets its street sign

The new sign marking MLK Plaza. Bent, but still standing,
after being struck by an SUV Friday afternoon.

Plainfield's Martin Luther King Plaza finally has its sign.

Though the plaza was marked with a bronze commemoration plaque at the foot of one of its trees ever since its inception, resident Norman Deen Muhammad noticed that it did not have a street sign, unlike the one on Court Place designating that block in honor of former mayor Rick Taylor.

I first noticed the sign on Friday afternoon as I was turning from Front Street onto Church Street to get gas at the station on the corner of Church and Second.

The driver of a large SUV directly in front of me made a short turn, striking the new sign and dinging his vehicle.

I texted Muhammad -- who just happened to be in the Blink Fitness center -- and he was able to check out his successful effort to get the sign installed.

Now the only downtown spot that has no appropriate marker to honor the person for whom it has been designated is Mayor Albert T. McWilliams Park.

Know where that is?

 -- Dan Damon [ follow ]

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