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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Should Assemblyman Jerry Green's public memorial be in Plainfield?

Assemblyman Jerry Green with his longtime
legislative aide Maria Del Cid.

I think most Plainfielders have been content to observe the wishes of Assemblyman Jerry Green's family regarding the privacy of his funeral. However, many have expressed disappointment to me personally over the lack of a public opportunity to remember and celebrate the man while his passing is fresh in everyone's mind.

After all, he was not only the third most powerful person in the Legislature, he was a familiar figure in Plainfield and supported many worthwhile organizations and activities in the Queen City.

So I think folks must have been pleased on Tuesday to learn that Sen. Nick Scutari, the senior legislator in the 22nd District, announced that he was putting together a public memorial for Jerry.

I hope that he is in conversation with Mayor Mapp about Plainfield being the perfect location.

Not only was Plainfield Jerry's hometown, it is the rock slid foundation of he Democratic base in the 22nd District as well as being at its approximate geographical center.

Perhaps the PHS auditorium, with its great acoustics, generous parking and convenient location would make it a good choice.

In any event, we may look forward soon to hearing further details.

I only am sorry that the UCIA never got around to putting signage on the Park-Madison office building proclaiming it the "Gerald Green County Office Building," which the commissioners resolved to do a couple of years ago.

I asked him about a year ago when some signage might appear and he answered with a grin, "Please don't put anything in the blog, I don't want to jinx it."

I'm sure he would have been both pleased and proud to see it as a recognition of his public service. Can we expect to see something soon?

  -- Dan Damon [follow]
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