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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

In Union County Dem race, Scutari blinks, ceding high ground to Mahr

Sen.  Nick Scutari is in a 3-way race to replace
Jerry Green as chair of the Union County Democrats.


Plainfield Democratic City Committee members will gather with others from Union County on Wednesday February 21 to elect a new county chairperson to replace Assemblyman Jerry Green, who resigned last week.

Three candidates have emerged: Colleen Mahr, mayor of Fanwood and Acting Chair of the County Committee; Sen. Nick Scutari of Linden, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee; and Anthony Salters, chair of the Hillside Democratic Committee. The tussle is getting rough.

Over the weekend, Scutari penned an OpEd on InsiderNJ (see here) in which he cites the county organization's bylaws as calling for an open ballot -- in which electors indicate their choice in public by raising hands or standing to be counted.

That is indeed what the bylaws call for.

Mahr, on the other hand (joined by Salters), wants to use voting machines to allow delegates to cast secret ballots. She argues this will protect delegates from embarrassment and/or retaliation, and simplify the tallying with a verifiable vote trail which would eliminate arguments over the tallies.

Mahr says she has case law on her side and has lawyered up to take the matter to court (see story here).

Whatever the outcome, Scutari has blinked and ceded the high ground to Mahr.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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