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Friday, December 1, 2017

Holiday Lights Celebration Friday night features Plainfield Community Choir

Celebration is tonight at City Hall Plaza.


Plainfield will be treated to a new version of the annual tree lighting ceremony at City Hall Plaza tonight.

For decades, the annual ceremony centered on the lighting of the Christmas tree in front of City Hall, followed by a visit from Santa and refreshments.

Over time, in sensitivity to Plainfield's diversity, with residents who adhere to many other religions such as Islam and Buddhism, the ceremony was renamed the "Holiday Tree lighting".

During Mayor Mapp's first term, the lighted tree was joined by a Menorah and a Kinara.

This year will unveil a new seasonal tree in the middle of the plaza, which will help keep the event focused on the plaza.

The Menorah is a religious symbol, representing the solid gold 7-branched candlestick inaugurated by Moses in the desert and later kept burning in the Temple at Jerusalem.

The Christmas tree and the Kwanzaa Kinara (candlestick) are not religious symbols, but cultural icons denoting the customs they represent.

The one thing all have in common is light, so it seems fitting to rename the event "Holiday Lights".

The evening will also be marked by the debut of the Plainfield Community Choir. The volunteer singers have been rehearsing for weeks under the direction of Wendell C. Woods, the music director at Shiloh Baptist Church.

The event gets under way at 6:00 PM, with Santa's arrival via fire truck expected at 6:45, at which the event moves into the City Hall Library (transformed into a winter wonderland), where families get a complimentary photo with Santa and a small gift. Hot cocoa will be provided during the event.

Parking is available in the lot behind City Hall.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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