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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Council: Parking changes on agenda for Monday will affect Plainfield Public Library, others

Chnages to Parking are on Monday's agenda.

City Council meets for its agenda-setting session Monday, October 2, at 7:30 PM in City Hall Library. The agenda can be found online here.

While the agenda is pretty slender, one item in particular may provoke public comment: Ordinance 2017-35 proposes to make changes to the list of streets where NO PARKING is allowed, among them the west side of College Place, which runs alongside the Plainfield Public Library and is used by library patrons for overflow parking.

That fact was borne in on me on Saturday when I visited the highly successful and well-attended Tri-County History Fair, in which about twenty organizations from the tri-county area took place. When I first arrived, there were no spaces to be found in either library lot or on College Place. After circling around the park and trying again, I got the only space that had opened up in the meantime.

Reducing parking spaces for our well-used library seems like a move that should be looked into before it is enacted.

Reviewing the list of changes, I noted others that may also provoke comment for their impact on the neighborhoods --
  • Roosevelt Avenue between 7th and 5th Streets (Bethel Presbyterian Church will be impacted)

  • Randolph Road on both sides between Rose and Kenyon (Plainfield Village residents currently use a portion of the north side)
You can read the complete list in the proposed ordinance here.

Full disclosure, my street (West 7th) is also on the list, where parking will be prohibited on the south side (my side) from Plainfield Avenue to Clinton Avenue. We contend all the time with people parking half on the grass and ruining it. I won't be sorry -- if it's enforced.

Many of the streets listed are narrow, and prohibiting parking on one side or another may well improve the flow of traffic (I am thinking of John Street in particular),

But some areas may well be affected through no fault of their own as multi-families have cars parking in the street because of inadequate on-site parking (most were built as single family dwellings in an age when few people had cars, and no one had more than one car.

I hope the Council looks into these changes carefully before adopting the ordinance.

City Council meets in the City Hall Library Monday evening at 7:30. The public will have an opportunity to comment on the agenda before the Council deliberations. City Hall is at Watchung Avenue and East 6th Street. Parking and entry to the building in the rear.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]
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