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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Plainfield radio mystery

Logo of John Hockenberry's
The Takeaway news show.

May car radio has two presets: news and talk on WNYC at 93.9 FM and music at WQXR, 105.9 FM. I listen to the talk, call-in and news shows (except when they're too painful, when I switch to music.

Monday afternoon (July 31), John Hockenberry's The Takeaway was
promoting its reader call-ins on the subject of favorite childhood books. (You can listen online here.)

Suddenly, there was a recorded phone call to the program. A cheery, somewhat husky voice began with "Hi! It's Lois calling from Plainfield."

Whenever I hear someone calling in from Plainfield, I listen closely to see if I can figure out who it is.

The caller went on: "My favorite childhood book was Winnie the Pooh. First my mother got a copy and read it to me, then when my sister came along I read it to her, and when my brother came along, she read it to him.

Bang! That must be my friend Lois Mattson, Councilor Storch's wife.

Pulling over to the side of the street, I called her cell. She picked up after the first ring and I asked her if she enjoyed Winnie the Pooh as a child. Yes, she said.

And then I asked if she had called in to WNYC, to which she replied "No, why?"

As I told her the story, she said, "Isn't that strange? Could have happened, but it wasn't me. Besides, my brother came first, then my sister."

"I'd be curious to know who it was," she said.

So would I.

Anybody have any clues?

  -- Dan Damon [follow]
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