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Friday, March 24, 2017

Will setting up ABC board be on Plainfield Council's April agenda?

Notorious liquor store at West Front and Clinton showed support
for Bridget Rivers and John Campbell, Jr. The store eventually
lost its license (a move which Rivers opposed) when the owner's
daughter was found to be selling drugs on the premises.

The annual renewal of Plainfield's thirty-plus liquor licenses will take place in June.

The Council voted earlier this year to give up its prerogative to sit as the local Alcoholic Beverage Control Board by passing an ordinance creating a standing ABC board which will assume its functions with this year's renewal season.

The ABC Board will work with the Municipal Clerk, who oversees the administrative aspects of license renewal and the Police Diivision, which generates reports and recommendations for penalties for licenses. Among the reasons a licensee may be penalized are sales to minors, not having employee documentation in order, after-hour sales, fights or other disturbances on the premises, and sales or use of drugs on the premises.

In the case of proposed penalties, licensees have the right to an evidentiary hearing, representation by counsel, and appeal to the state, which may uphold, modify or overrule the local ABC Board's decision.

The ABC's meetings and hearings are subject both to the "Sunshine Law" (requiring adequate public notice) and the Open Public Meetings Act.

Establishing the local ABC Board should do a great deal to ease the Council's business load at this time of year.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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