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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Jerry Green blinks?

Jerry Green's version of one-stop shopping?

... wonder what goes on here...

Has Plainfield Assemblyman and Democratic chair Jerry Green blinked?

Could be.

Green, who has used a storefront in the Masonic Building at 7th and Park as campaign headquarters for the past several election cycles, has pulled up stakes after Mayor Adrian Mapp's cheeky Plainfield Democratic Organization rented a headquarters just a few doors away, in the former Park Hardware location next to Rapp's Pharmacy for this Spring's Democratic primary campaign.

Perhaps Green wanted to avoid the likelihood of being caught on camera in another of his famous "I run this mother****er"  tirades (see here).

In any event, he has opted for a much less primo location in the former bank builiding at 221 Park Avenue, at the corner of North Avenue. With high, curtained windows and parking at some distance, he has picked a real "winner" -- though, knowing what a penny-pincher he is, the rent is probably low.

Looks like you can get mental health and spiritual help at the same location  -- it's a perfect one-stop shop.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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