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Monday, June 9, 2014

Plainfield Habitat 'blitz' project begins today

The foundation for the 'blitz' home was laid in April.
(Photo courtesy Greater Plainfield Habitat.)
Plainfield's chapter of Habitat for Humanity gets to work on its 'blitz' project at 1034 West Third Street today.

Local builders and construction firms are joining Habitat volunteers in raising the walls of the home between Monday and Friday of this week. The Greater Plainfield Habitat is accepting applications from qualifying families for the home.

While the national Habitat organization hopes to raise 260 homes naitonwide during this year's blitz', the Plainfield project is the only one being undertaken in New Jersey.

Three New Jersey builders are partnering with Greater Plainfield Habitat in the project: Danny Rossi of Premier HFSC, Bill Marmo of Marmo Homes, and Rodney Walsh of the Pulte Group.

Rev. Jeremy Montgomery, executive director of the Plainfield affiliate, came before the Council recently with members of his board to request the city's cooperation in the project by expediting permits and inspections. The Council and the Mapp administration pledged the city's assistance.

In its twenty-five years of work in the community, the Greater Plainfield Habitat has built 35 homes for low-income families. As the group likes to say, it 'offers a hand up, not a hand-out', and those who qualify for the homes put a minimum of 200 hours per adult in sweat equity into their construction.

The Plainfield affiliate's other current project is a five-home development on West 7th Street dubbed 'Habitat Village'.

For more information about the 'blitz' program or volunteering to work with Habitat, contact the Rev. Jeremy Montgomery at (908) 769-5292 or by email to Greater Plainfield Habitat is located at the corner of Randolph Road and Park Avenue in Plainfield.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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revjermo said...

Drop by to see Day 1 progress at Habitat's Home Builders Blitz. You'll be amazed!! (or visit our FB page -

Anonymous said...

of the 35 homes for low-income families, how many are owned by original owners, resided by the owners, or foreclosed? How's this program working out for Plainfield?