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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

El-Amin asks Council for fair treatment

Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp's nominee for Public Safety Director, Siddeeq El-Amin, read an eloquent statement to the City Council during the public comment section at Monday's agenda-setting session asking for fair treatment in the selection process.

Picking up on Councilor Brown's statement at the reorganizations meeting that she had received 'disturbing' (but unspecified) information about El-Amin prior to voting on his nomination last week, El-Amin detailed his efforts to meet with individual Councilors to discuss any concerns they may have.

El-Amin acknowledged that he had a good meeting with Councilor Taylor, and a brief phone conversation with Councilor Brown, but that Council President Bridget Rivers had canceled four meetings that she had set up with him.

Bernice (see here) and Olddoc (see here) have posted the complete text of El-Amin's statement today, and David Rutherford put up a recording of El-Amin's remarks (see here). I was not given a copy of the statement.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

I agree with El-Amin, if there's a problem why haven't they openly stated what it is and why have they with really the exception of one not met with him to give him the opportunity to answer any of their questions. It's because they have no questions or reason except to do as told and we all know who that comes from. I support Mr. El-Amin respect him for standing up to the council and the coward that stand behind them telling them who to vote for probably the same person who told them to put the Public Defender back on for discussion. I feel that a lot of us got laid off and had medical conditions, children needing braces and as such and we were offered the expensive COBRA. Well offer JS the same insurance you offered us COBRA, I'm sure with her and her husband being attorney's having law firms they have or should have put some savings for a rainy day. And I guess they just have to make sacrifices like the rest of us. Mr. Mapp, please make executive decisions and stand on them just as Mr. El-Amin has done last night.

Rebecca said...

I also met with Mr. El-Amin back in December.


Anonymous said...

seems a bit desperate to want this job so bad.