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Monday, August 24, 2009

Breaking: Car stolen Sunday in Plainfield fished from Delaware

BREAKING: A newer model blue Suzuki Forenza station wagon reported stolen in Plainfield has been recovered from the Delaware River just downstream from the Interstate 80 bridge by National Park Servicee workers, according to a report in the Pocono Record (see here).

Video of the recovery operation is available here.

The vehicle was reported stolen in Plainfield early Sunday morning (what most of us refer to as 'Saturday night').

Condolences to the unnamed owner.

-- Dan


Yep I Said It said...

So Dan- I guess to date with all of the crime rising in Plainfield . . . this would bring crime down in Plainfield by . . .ummmm let's see . . . about 150% or so hmmmm. . . So . . . I guess Mayor Sharon can still say while she was in office crime has gone down. And at 150% it is pretty much . . . NON-EXISTENT! Good to Go Sharon! And I do mean . . . GO!

Dan said...

There is a question of great import here, Yep I Said It -- doubledipping!

Is this a Plainfield crime or a Delaware River crime?

Does this mean we can no longer trust the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports??