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Saturday, January 5, 2008

PMUA's 2008 Calendar: Pickup Locations

Click on image above or follow this LINK for a printable, fridge-sized 2008 PMUA Calendar. (Follow the printing instructions carefully.)

AND be sure to email this page to your friends and neighbors.

You now have several options for getting a copy of the PMUA's 2008 pickups calendar.

Besides printing it out from the online copy (see links above), you can go to one of the following locations and pick up a hard copy, courtesy of the PMUA --
  • Plainfield Public Library (8th & Park)
  • Plainfield City Hall (515 Watchung)
  • Plainfield Senior Center (305 East Front)
  • PMUA Headquarters (127 Roosevelt)
  • Environmental Resource Center (95 Rock Avenue)
If you want to fetch a hard copy, may I suggest trucking on over to the Environmental Resource Center?

Besides getting your calendar, you can get a good look at the new state-of-the-art facility for handling the many tons of solid waste we as residents generate and which needs to be processed and transferred elsewhere. It is a tangible sign your PMUA dollars are being wisely invested.

Or, you can just wait to get your copy in the mail in the newsletter which has been promised.

In any event, next Wednesday, January 9, is co-mingled (plastics and bottles).

Afraid you won't remember?

Go write it on the bathroom mirror in lipstick.


-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

okay, Saturday/Monday have come and gone still no pmua schedule!?!

Anonymous said...

Yes, a 20% rate increase and it's April and no recycling calendar?? And, we can DRIVE to get one?? This is outrageous. We're looking into a private company. I urge all people in Plainfield to do the same.