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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Teachers' union lodges complaint over Campbell incident at Hubbard School

Board of Ed candidates John Campbell, Emily Morgan
and Richard Wyatt serving free eats at Hubbard School
last Wednesday evening.
(Photo by Martin Cox, from Facebook.)

Plainfield's teacher's union, the Plainfield Education Association (PEA), has lodged an official complaint with the school district over an incident that happened at Hubbard School last week.

On Wednesday (September 26), during the school's Back to School Night event, free hot dogs and hamburgers were served in the school parking lot to attendees.

As noted in the District's Facebook post after the evening was over (see below), those serving the free eats included: John and Wilma Campbell, Richard Wyatt, Emily Morgan, Cameron Cox and Terence Johnson.

John Campbell, Richard Wyatt and Emily Morgan are current members and candidates for re-election, running on the "Children First Team" slate.

The District's report on the event, screenshot
from its Facebook page.

The PEA is reporting that former BOE president Wilma Campbell (wife of current member and candidate John Campbell) made a threatening remark to PEA member and Building Representative Lisa Logan-Leach during the course of the evening.

Logan-Leach is a former Board member who is active in the PEA and chaired the screening committee for the 2018 board race. (See my report on the PEA endorsements here.)

The PEA reports that Wilma Campbell told Logan-Leach that she "needed to 'pump the brakes' on her 'political' activities."

The union considers this a threat against Logan-Leach, who is a non-certified employee of the district and vulnerable to reprisals.

Looking into the matter further, the PEA discovered that no "Facilities Use Form" had been filed with the District to serve food in the parking lot, which is part of the school premises.

Further, the fact that only candidates aligned with Campbell's slate and their friends were present makes it appear that the event was intended as a campaign activity, which is forbidden on school property.

Not only that, but Board member Terence Johnson posted on his Facebook page both an invitation to the event and, later, photos of same.

See screenshots of the Facebook postings below --

At 7:05 PM, Board member Terence Johnson
posted an invitation on his Facebook page.

The next day, Johnson posted pictures from
the event, noting they were taken by Martin Cox
(father of Board member Cameron Cox).

Plainfield is no stranger to campaign hijinx. Nevertheless, this all seems a bit bold, even for Plainfield, even for the Campbells.

But let's not lose sight of the fact that the more serious matter reported in this incident was the implied threat to Logan-Leach's livelihood.

That should give anyone considering voting for the Campbell slate great pause.

The Board of Ed election is on Tuesday, November 6, same date as the General Election.

 -- Dan Damon [ follow ]

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