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Monday, July 30, 2007

What! You never left one in a library book?

I know some of these things are sneaky, but I remember being coached on a couple of them by my mentor when I was breaking into real estate.

What? Tricks for getting your business cards out there and -- hopefully -- used to generate business.

If you dole out business cards like medication -- one every four hours and one before bedtime -- you are missing what they can do for you.

Even in the age of email. Even in the age of card scanners.

Sunday's Ledger ran a story from the Newhouse New Service on business cards [read more here...].

What didn't make it into the paper -- the best part -- is the list of tips. Well, some of them are good.

  • Print a team's sports schedule on the back. Fans will keep them handy and keep your name in front of them.
  • Print a special discount offer or coupon on the back. People will keep it because they intend to use the coupon.
  • Send a business card in every piece of correspondence -- letters, invoices, even you electric bill. Sooner or later, those cards will be used.
  • Scan your card in and use it as a graphic for when you exchange link with other websites. The other site can use your graphic as the link.
  • Place them in library books as if you used them as bookmarks.Visit bookstores, place them in books related to your business.
  • Have your spouse, family and friends carry some of your cards with them in case they meet someone who might be interested in your product or service.
  • Wear them: Use them as name tags at events instead of the usual "Hello, my name is..."
  • Ask neighborhood businesses if you may display your cards near their registers.
  • Tack them to bulleting boards at supermarkets, retaurants, retail stores and the library -- any place that has a bulletin board.
  • Place some on the table when you leave a restaurant.
SOURCE: Linda Elizabeth Alexander, business communicator,

Plainfield Trivia Question: 'Si' Newhouse, founder of Advance Publications, parent of the Star-Ledger and the Newhouse News Service is related to what well-known Plainfielder? (**See bottom of page.)

: "Business cards thrive in era of electronic communication"
-- Dan Damon

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**Mrs. Miron, of Miron's Furniture, formerly on East Front Street, then on Rt. 22 as Miron's Ethan Allen Gallery, was his sister.